Anne of Green Gables Tv Show series 2 : Coming back 2018 ?

Anne is a television series the streaming video site’s adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables novel written in 1908, and adapted by Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Moira Walley-Beckett (Breaking Bad).She will be the showrunner of series consisting of 8 episodes ,for the first season with Niki Caro directing the two-hour season premiere. The series will debuted on March 19, 2017 on CBC and on May 12, 2017 on Netflix.Canadian actors Dalila Bela (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Once Upon a Time), Corinne Koslo (Sweeney Todd, Best in Show) and Aymeric Jett Montaz (Bellevue), have joined the cast of Netflix and CBC’s Anne of Green Gables adaptation, which now has an official title, Anne.

Moira Walley-Beckett  will serve as writer and showrunner of Anne‘s eight-episode first season, in which a 13-year-old redhead orphan named Anne Shirley in the late 1890 who, after an abusive childhood spent in orphanages and the homes of strangers, mistakenly is sent to live with an aging sister and brother, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert Over time, 13-year-old Anne will transform their lives and eventually the entire small town in which they live with her unique spirit, fierce intellect and brilliant imagination ,against all odds and numerous challenges, fights for love and acceptance and her place in the world. The series will expand on the original concept by dealing with issues of sexism, bullying and prejudice, among others.

Bela’s Diana Barry is Anne’s loyal friend and kindred spirit. Koslo’s Rachel Lynde is Avonlea’s resident gossip. Montaz will play Jerry Baynard, a hired farmhand mentioned in passing in the novel who now features prominently in the new series. They join previously announced Amybeth McNulty, who stars as as Anne Shirley, Geraldine James OBE and R.H. Thomson as Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, and Lucas Jade Zumann as Gilbert Blythe.

L. M. Montgomery’s book has sold more than 50 million copies around the world and been translated into 20 languages.Montgomery wrote several sequels, and since her death in 1942, another sequel has been published, as well as an authorized prequel.

This is the story, for those few who haven’t read the books or watched the original 1985 TV mini-series starring Megan Follows and the late Jonathan Crombie, centres around Anne Shirley, an orphan who accidentally ends up living with two elderly siblings in their green gabled house on Prince Edward Island.

Summary of Anne of Green Gables Tv Show series

The adventures of a young orphaned girl living in the late 19th century.
Anne is described as a coming-of-age story about an outsider who fights for acceptance, for her place in the world and for love. The drama revolves around a young orphaned girl who, after an abusive childhood spent in orphanages and the homes of strangers, is mistakenly sent to live with an elderly spinster and her aging brother.

Over time, 13-year-old Anne will transform their lives and eventually the small town in which they live, with her unique spirit, fierce intellect and brilliant imagination. While the new series will follow a similar storyline to the book that millions of readers around the world know and love, it will also chart new territory. Anne and the rest of the characters in and around Green Gables will experience new adventures reflecting timeless issues, including themes of identity, sexism, bullying, prejudice and trusting oneself.

Cast of Anne of Green Gables Tv Show series

Amybeth McNulty as Anne Shirley
Dalila Bela as Diana Barry
Geraldine James as Marilla Cuthbert
Stephen Tracey as Mr. Phillips
Jacob Ursomarzo as Moody Spurgeon
R.H. Thomson as Matthew Cuthbert
Corrine Koslo as Rachel Lynde
Aymeric Jett Montaz as Jerry Baynard
Lucas Jade Zumann as Gilbert Blythe
Glenna Walters as Tillie Boulter
Ella Jonas Farlinger as Prissy Andrews
Kyle Meagher as Billy’s Pal 1
Kyla Matthews as Ruby Gillis
Christian Martyn as Billy Andrews
Lia Pappas as Jane Andrews
Miranda McKeon as Josie Pye

Crew of Anne of Green Gables Tv Show series
Costume Designer: Anne Dixon
Directors: Niki Caro, David Evans, Paul Fox, Amanda Tapping
Director of Photography: Bobby Shore
Double: Emily Roman (Anne Shirley)
Executive Producers: Miranda de Pencier, Debra Hayward, Alison Owen, Moira Walley-Beckett
Key Hair Stylist: RaMona Fleetwood
Producer: Susan Murdoch
Production Designer: Jean-François Campeau
Script Supervisor: Stacy Scalisi
Writer: Moira Walley-Beckett

Anne of Green Gables Tv Show series 2 : Coming back 2018 ?

“I adore Anne! Exploring and expanding her story with new depth for a new generation has been exhilarating!” Walley-Beckett said in a statement.Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne Shirley is one of the most appealing figures in literature, a girl who is so enamoured of imagination, words and wonder itself that you’d think it would be hard to go wrong with the story. She’s a universally understood and adored character. But, in the Canadian context, there are issues. Mainly nostalgia.

The opening credits are a clue to the direction this adaptation is taking. The Anne figure is presented as a gorgeous force of nature, an emblem of beauty and power. And it is somewhat startling to find the Tragically Hip’s Ahead by a Century used over the opening credits. It’s a song with profound resonance for so many Canadians. And the line “Illusions of some day casting a golden light” amply works its magical power here.
“I like imagining better than remembering,” Anne Shirley says at one point, obviously to camouflage pain, but there is emphatic truth in it. And that statement is great context for this adaptation.
It imagines rather than remembers or reveres previous versions, no matter how beloved they were. This Anne should be approached and appreciated in the same spirit – it’s a sublimely reinvigorated Anne of Green Gables.

Though the 2nd season of the series has not been announced officially but after seeing such a positive feedback of people its not more to wait when netflix will going to announce for its next sequel.For more updates stay tuned and connected and we will make you provide with latest updates of favourite tv series.