Killjoys Season 3 Release Date: Featuring Again In 2017?

Killjoys Season 3 is an adventure series on the Canadian TV channel Space that premiered its first series on June 19, 2015. The show had been to be officially ordered on 7 October, 2013 with 10 episodes. Syfy was then announced to take the role of a co-producer in April 2014.

The storyline revolves around a team of three rugged interplanetary bounty hunters. The trio of Dutch, John and D’avin are seen featuring in various galactic missions which involve hunting and capturing dangerous criminals all across the Quad. The Quad is far-away system that is located on an edge of the venue of bloody, crude interplanetary war. Although the trio had sworn to keep themselves aloof from the bloody class war that threatens to destroy the Quad, they find themselves getting deeply involved in the a drawing war due to their own pasts.
Killjoys Season 3 Release Date
The main cast includes Hannah- John Kalen as Kamena/Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis and Luke Mac’farlane as D’avin Jacobis.

The recurring cast includes Thom Allison as a bartender named Pree, Rob Stewart as Dutch’s mentor with the name Khylen. Sarah Power features as a disgraced medic named Pawter Simms while Mayko Nguyen is a wily aristrocrat known as Delle Seyah Kendry. Mora McLellan features as Bellus Haardy who is Dutch’s firend and a warrant broker. While Sean Baek is another bounty hunter competing with trio. Morgan Kelly is seen as Alvis Akari. The first series of Killjoys premiered on 19 June, 2015 in both US and Canada on Syfy and Space channels respectively. However in UK it premiered on 25 January, 2016 and in Australia on 30 January, 2016.

The series was produced by Temple Street productions, Universal Cable Productions and Bell Media. It was created by Michelle Lovreta of Lost Girl fame. David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg are the executive producers of the series.

Killjoy Season 3 Ratings, Reviews And Renewal:

The premiere episode of the show did not recieve a hit mark on the vieership statistics being only 0.96 million. However, the subsequent ratings were very positive. iO9’s charile Janes Anderson spoke very affirmatively while saying, If wanting to watch fun, quippy characters get into scrapes and survive by the skin of their teeth, on spaceships and alien planets, is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Killjoys has just the right mix of guns, high-tech knives, assassins, cage fights, missions to hostile planets, dark secrets, tiny robot weapons and general space headbutting thrills to be the perfect treat for Friday nights.” There have been average to slight negative reviews too by critics. Merill  Barr wrote for Forbes a review for the first four episodes named “Sci-Fi Fun With Nothing Else To Offer”.

However based on viewer reviews, Syfy announced its decision to renew the series on September 1, 2015 for a second season of another 10 episodes.

Executive Vice-President of Syfy’s content was quoted as saying “With exciting space-based action, deep world building, and a standout cast, Killjoys has struck a nerve with viewers and critics alike. We can’t wait to see what adventures Michelle Lovretta and Temple Street take Dutch, John and D’avin on in season two.”
Syfy’s will premiere the new episodes of Killjoys from 1 June, 2016 at 9/8c. the trio are again on space bounty hunting and unraveling Khylen’s secrets.

Killjoys Season 3 Release Date

Based on the second season’s viewer response, there is a lot of hope of renewal of the series for Killjoys Season 3. Although it has not yet been announced by Syfy. As soon as any updates are released, it would feature right here. Do stay tuned in for further updates on your favorite stellar show