Marco Polo Season 3 Release Date

Marco Polo is a Television series in America that features on Netflix and is based on early life of Marco Polo that was spent in the court of Kublai Khan. The series premiered on December 12, 2014.The concept of the series was conceived and created by John Fuso. He is also the executive producer of the series which is being produced by Weinstein company. John has been credited with the creation of many other successful series like Young Guns, A Forbidden Kingdom and Hidalgo.

Marco Polo Season 3 Release Date

Starz was the TV channel that initially wanted to produce with the series.The production for original show was started in January 2014. However, the project could not continue and was halted in China and taken over by the Weinstein Company. This was followed by buying of the exclusive rights of the series by Netflix for all ten episodes of first series. The first season of Marco Polo had high budget and cost 90 million dollars.There shows feature exotic locations from Italy, Kazhakhstan and Malaysia which gives treat to the eyes. The official announcement on the launch of Marco Polo was done in a January 2014 by Netflix.

The role of Marco Polo is being played by an upcoming Italian artist Lorenzo Richelmy while Marco’s love interest Kokachin is being played by well-known Chinese Clod- Star actress Zhu Zhu. Kublai Khan’s character is being played by Benedict Wong of the Prometheus fame while the Joan Chen of Twin peaks fame plays as the empress.

Marco is a child abandoned in a foreign land and grows up to be a handsome young man who remains involved in his own self. In other words he does not want to bother anyone but as luck would have it, the prince becomes his enemy. On  the other hand, he becomes a loving attraction for a beautiful woman. Marco’s tendencies lend him a dry character and he turns out be a non-charming hero, though a very charming one too.

Marco Polo is often compared to another big scale budget series popularly addressed as Netflix’s Game of Thrones.

Marco Polo has evoked a very welcoming response from the viewers form the international front. Thus its renewal was being looked forward to.

Marco Polo season 2

Netflix had announced the production of the second series as early as 2015. The series features 10 episodes. The premiere date of the adventure series 2 of Marco Polo as announced was 1 July, 2016 at 12.01 Am (PT/ET)

Marco Polo Season 3 Release Date

Update On 7 July 2016:

Recent rumours hinted Season 2 might be laying a foundation for Marco Polo Season 3. Further it has been rumoured Prester John might play a crucial role in next season of “Marco Polo” and may act as prime antagonist as well as given his mythical powers.

The big budget misadventure on legend Marco Polo is expected to rock back in a Marco Polo Season 3 next year. The show would be premiered in last week of June next year as per tradition, in a set of 10 episodes. However, any changes that take place would be announced by Netflix. Meanwhile, viewer response for the second series and official announcement is awaited for the renewal of Marco Polo Series for Season 3.

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