Nirvanna The Band The Show Season 2 : Release Date 2018

Nirvanna the Band the Show is a Canadian serious documentary with its satire object a television series created by Matt Johnson and co-conspirator Jay McCarrol. They invigorate their band-hit web series about a woeful two-piece Toronto band who will do anything to play a show at The Rivoli — apart from actually writing and rehearsing any actual songs. It premiered on February 2, 2017 on Viceland. It is based off the former web series of the same name.

Cast And Crew of Nirvanna The Band The Show

As discussed above it is Directed and created by Matt Johnson along with his co-conspirator Jay McCarrol.The Production Company part of it are Vice Studios Canada, Rogers Media Inc., Zapruder Films Inc.Executive Producer are
Matthew Miller, Jim Czarnecki, Danny Gabai, Matt Johnson, Michael Kronish, Spike Jonze, Eddy Moretti, Shane Smith
while the Poducer are Vicki Lean, Daniel Morin. Screenplay is done by Andrew Appelle, Robert Hyland, Curt Lobb, Matthew Miller, Jay McCarrol, Jared Raab.Cinematography is done by Andrew Appelle, Jared Raab and edited by Andrew Appelle, Robert Hyland, Curt Lobb. The Production Designing is done by Adam Belanger. The person who is responsible for the fantasctic sound quality is Matthew Chan.While in the casting role are Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol.

Summary of Nirvanna The Band The Show

The show stars the couple as “Nirvanna the Band,” who engrosed in a series of convoluted publicity stunts around Toronto in the hopes of landing an appearance at The Rivoli although the fact that they have never actually written or documented a single song.

Formerly constitute as a web series in 2009, it was next buttress into a full television series which debuted on Viceland on February 2, 2017. Three episodes were also closet at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival as part of its Primetime program of television projects. The series was originally declared in 2016 as contracted to air on City, but was later shifted to Viceland with City airing only the first episode as a preliminary survey special.

The characters, Matt and Jay, are based on characters McCarrol and Johnson started evolving in high school in Mississauga.

It’s all about one foolprrof arrival. Matt and Jay are best bubddy and bandmates who live out their days playing videogames and exhausting media, while dreaming of achieving at their cherished Toronto club, the Rivoli. Instead of actually writing music, however, the two bid to garner attention via various other schemes, such as building a demonic float for the city’s Santa Claus Parade or shooting a reactionary film project in a high school. If only they could focus long enough to work on their set list.
Based on the attractive web series developed by and pushing Jay McCarrol and Matt Johnson, nirvanna the band the show is a bash of popular culture, social craziness, and friendship.

Johnson’s first inavsion into television controling exhibit all of the cleverness we’ve come to expect from the director of the features The Dirties and Operation Avalanche. Utilizing techniques developed in such hit comedy shows as Jackass and The Ali G Show, nirvanna the band the show seamlessly blends its fictional stories with real-world interactions too blissfully accurate to be scripted. The result is an creative brand of comedy that plays with hallucination, brand, and self-reflexivity. It’s mottled with a profusion of film and TV references, and pushed by a charming youthful energy that will appeal to beatnik of all ages.