The Amazing Race Canada Season 5 Release Date: Returning 2017?

The Amazing Race Canada has been inspired by its counterpart show by the same running on the US reality TV. This is a travel adventure show wherein 12 teams participate together in a very enervating race that spans across the whole country and sometimes across the globe. A distance of 48,000 kilometers has to be covered while encountering various types of challenges set up in different countries across three continents. The six provinces of Canada and nearly 20 cities have been covered in the show. The series premiered in Canada on 15th of July in 2013 on CTV during the prime time.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 5 Release Date

The race is divided into a many legs through which teams travel and complete challenging tasks that help them obtain clues to find the Pit Stop. At the Pit Stop, the teams receive a rest for 12 hours till they begin the race again in the next leg. The team that arrives first at the Pit Stop also gets a prize. Only three teams run in the last leg and the winner team gets prize money of CA $250,000, two Chevrolet-make cars of any model and also unlimited air travel for a year by Air Canada.

The Amazing Race Canada: Previous Seasons

Season 1 ended on September 16, 2013 with a viewership of 2.986 million in the premiere and nearly a million were added till the ending episode.

Following the success of season 1, the season 2 was renewed on CTV channel on July 8, 2014. This too received amazing viewership of nearly 2.751 million and proved a hit show yet again. The series ended on September 21, 2014.

Season 3 was aired again on CTV on July 8, 2015 and received amazing response of viewers till its last episode that aired on September 23, 2015. It recorded a viewership of nearly 2.54 million.

The Amazing Race Canada: Season 4

The Season 4 of Amazing Race Canada was begun on 28 June, 2016. It received a whopping response from the viewers with the most diverse teams participating in the number 1 entertainment packed adventurous travel show of Canada. The show would be hosted by Jon Montgomery in his typical style. This year prize includes a trip around the world for two people in place of free air travel across Canada for a year. The first show is deemed to carry a challenging stunt which is considered unrivaled and thriller of its own kind.

The Amazing Race Canada :Season 5

The Series right from its inception has received and amazing viewer response. And newer strategies of team diversification is further expected to boost ratings of the show. The Amazing Race Canada 5th season of the show would be expected to be ceremoniously released in the last of June next year 2017. However, viewer response would be big factor for renewal considerations and any new modifications in the show. Stay tune with us as we will update more news on it.